Joshua Ryan

Designer, maker, avid baker.


Deadly Class is an action- fantasy tv series that ran from January 2019 to June 2019 on the SYFY Channel. Based off the graphic novel (of the same name) by Rick Remender and Wesley Craig, the show follows the students at King’s Dominion, a private academy that trains assassins. Set against the backdrop of 1980s counterculture the show draws inspiration from punk aesthetics to 1980s pop culture.

Vertical Poster for Deadly Class

The challenge that we had as designers was bridging the visual qualities and motifs of the graphic novel and translating them to the visual identity we were creating for the show. To bring viewers into the world of King’s Dominion we created visuals that spoke to the punk counterculture and fantasy elements of the shows narrrative. 

Another large project that comes with a new show is producing the press kit. The idea behind the Deadly Class Press Kit is Marcus, the protagonist, and the contents of his backpack. In keeping with 80s, music, school and rebellion we included items like a yearbook that contained the press release, a casette player battery pack, candy cigarettes, and merchandise to name a few. The Press Kit was awarded a 2019 Promax North American Silver Award.   All art direction by Peter Gatto and Kenneth Liew